What do we do?

Kailash was stuck with a bad name. It stands for a spiritualesque Himalayan mountain, the perch of Lord Shiva, no less. That was his destiny. His smarts with PowerPoint, though, were all his hard work. Sweat, blood and guts were spilled over hours for him to reach this acme. It was no accident. Shit, man, but it was. His first job as “Chief EMAO (Europe Middle-East All the Others) Pre-Sales Advisor” had left him with a cut that profusely bled time and time. He was PowerPoint. He knew version release dates like other tools knew Harry Potter pre-booking opening dates. He also knew those. But today, Ramankant (another christening success) had called him to work at 9 am. A big top from the United States of America was visiting, and a deck had to be made. Kailash had an hour to make it. When Aneela (fondly called Bulbul by the Name Salvation Army) rushed in at 845 am into the Conference Room Chanel 5 (having the only good name day thus far), she incoherently said Rama was going to be at sea, without a clue and grandstanding in front of a very important person and that she and Kailash were bringing that ship down. “What do we do, Kale!!!?” (Kailash to the power Kale: high levels of fairly detected Netflix)

We all prey, Bulbul. All prey.



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