We and women, and its not a big deal

IWD2017It may seem that way sometimes. But women are not in a fight, they are not in any race. We are just doing our bit everyday, with a scrunchy, a sanitizer, a safety pin, a smart phone or whatever else is the equipment we need to make the day better, or at least, tolerable. We are often scared of stuff, but who is n’t? We have our friends and family and non-negotiable supporters, our secret books and our travels, that let us be what we want to be, or tell us to be what we want to be.

These voices are soft, sometimes not, they can be men, mothers, resident four-legged furballs, church instagrams or nannies from old Middle Earth towns. All my voice is all your love.

Thank you. We will take our International Womens’ Day honour now (with pride) but no one is off the hook the remaining days of the year.
Happy Womens’ Day.

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