#AtoZChallenge – Theme Reveal – Letters, many, many letters

In my mind, I think I was blogging before I blogged. Which means I have several imaginary blog posts in the attic of my very, very restless mind. Many of them are outrages, some are quiet moments of introspection, and most are just little strands of silliness. As a mom, as a friend, as a nobody, as somebody, I have had thoughts more whipped up than a good latte, more or less. I am going to write a letter a day as a tribute to all those thoughts. There will be letters to frizzy hair, mothers-in-law, lady bosses, faux female friends, work from home policies, top 10 Buzzfeed-is-here moments and whatever else makes the cut of not being the norm.

I look forward to humor and observation, in equal doses of dark and docile, more or less. Welcome to the post-truth world. Do drop in and say hello.

2017 Badge


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