#A2ZChallenge April 01: A is for Acne

Dear Acne,

You and I have a love-hate relationship. I hate you but I love to pop you. You have never left my side (anatomically, my face, specifically, my chin, jaw line, forehead, cheeks) through the years. The gawky teenage, the awkward youth and the unsure turns at the end of the young trail. Hormones then, PCOS now perhaps? So what gives.

Sometimes when I saw you, I thought Oh crap, I am eating crap. Then I thought it was the stress ticket. Or a sleep disorder was taking point. Then I thought it was age. No, I never thought it was age. Scratch that.

I have popped you Oh Zit, Oh Acne, Oh Pimple with so much zest and stealth. I have had you splattered on the bathroom mirror, instantly regretting my crude surgical op. Doctors have looked at me quizzically when I say I interfere with your baking process. I have scars that even organic tea tree oil cannot brighten, or is it lighten? Every three years, you show up in my New Year Resolutions because you stand for a bigger fucked-up lifestyle choice. By fighting you, I fight french fries, panko fried chicken and samosas, and the occasional deep chocolate bundt cake. Ya right – deep, not rich.

But you show up every week on face. I have detoxed, cleansed, micro-dermabrasioned, surya-namaskared, toned, astringented, cucumbered and teabagged but you seem to show up nevertheless.

I am old now, please find another face to deface.


A is for Acne


14 thoughts on “#A2ZChallenge April 01: A is for Acne

  1. Tina Basu

    That is me completely. For last one month i am having a lush crop of acne suddenly!! I dont expect it at my age but then they dont want to leave my face alone!


  2. Shweta Suresh

    They have troubled me during my teenage years. Now in my early twenties, they still continue to trouble me. They crop up unexpectedly, and especially when you’re praying to have a acne-less face. I remember when the usually photo-crazy me shied away from photographs because of the disaster that my acne was. I’ve spent over a year taking medications and now it’s tolerable. Great post – one I could very well relate to! Keep writing. Can’t wait to read more of your A to Z posts! 😊


    1. Lalita Post author

      May God give you one of two things – no more zits or a lot more patience to deal with them! I vote for the former. Thanks so much for your vote of confidence.

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  3. A Delhi Dame

    It’s more of a hate hate relationship with acne I had, until I found some magic gels to suppress the issue. Once in a while I indulge because what is life without oily soggy food and chocolates 🙂


  4. Mithila Menezes

    Give me a hi-5 ! I too have a pimply little problem, which tends to crop up every now and then. I don’t know how they’ve reduced all of a sudden, but they do say hi once in a while, to prove that they haven’t stopped loving me after all 😀

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  5. Kirigo Mwaura

    I do the exact same thing every single day too. I see it and i take care of it with my fingers. Its annoying, knowing that what i do is wrong but either way i still do it. I learnt how to walk bare face and got used to the questions too.

    Acne-out please !!!

    Thank you for this,I know I’m not alone 🙂



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