#A2Z Challenge: Q is for the Queens of Hearts and Diamonds

Dear Queens of Hearts and Diamonds

I don’t know if you remember what Shri Shri Eagles sang a few years ago in a feted piece called “Desperado” which must be required listening in all syllabi for all courses in all universities in all worlds.

“Don’t you draw the queen of diamonds, boy

She’ll beat you if she’s able

You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet”

Like with most lyrics to meaningful songs, I can understand whatever my pea-sized brain can accommodate. I don’t know why Clapton did not shoot the deputy or how Alanis Morissette managed to define a zeitgeist in “Ironic”, for most part, by not being, in fact, “Ironic.”

I have my guesses who this Queen of Diamonds might be.

  1. She could be the one who Billy Joel talks about in that mind-bender of his, “She is always a woman to me” because does n’t he say, “She can kill with a smile.” Or that thing about carelessly cutting you and watching you while you bleed.
  2. She could be the bitch. Or the sinner. Or the saint or nothin’ in between that Meredith Brooks croons about.
  3. One of the girls who is running the world, as Beyonce pointed out helpfully.
  4. Or, anyone of the girls who just wanna have fun, as Cyndi Lauper said. When the working day is done. They just wanna.

This Queen of Hearts though, who is she? Is she the one who does not dress up pretty but is the best 4’o clock friend? Who says it as it is, without any eyelashes batting? The one who laughs off many transgressions because she is cool with all that? The one who silently aspires to be loved, but till her turn comes, just indiscriminately sacrifices? The one who will wait till the last train of the day pulls in?

The question is why one or the other? Why not one today and the other tomorrow? Why not both on the same day? Why a queen, anyway? Why not the knave? It is the luck of the draw, is n’t it? Let it be drawn, thy destiny for today.


Blouse of Cards

Q is for Queen of Hearts


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