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#A2Z Challenge: V is for Viral Fever!

Dear Viral Fever (Not to be confused with the social media viral fever. This is the original gangster which leaves your legs feeling like plutonium dumbbells and your backbone like if someone embroidered on it with iron thread) There was a time when you had influence and clout in all circles. Your name meant something,… Continue reading #A2Z Challenge: V is for Viral Fever!

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#A2ZChallenge: U is for Unsolicited Advice

Dear Unsolicited Advice, CC to “Bag of Salt” Unsolicited, from Latin, “sollicitus”, meaning, “I have a finger to put in every pie so we can all eat better pies.” Some lexicon liberties might have been taken in that statement. Here is some unsolicited advice for you, Unsolicited Advice. Why are you so needy? You show… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: U is for Unsolicited Advice

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#A2ZChallenge: S is for “Sasuraal”

Dear Sasuraal (hindi, translated literally to the house of the father-in-law) Marked: Urgent You need to change your PR agency. I have done a review of your marketing profile, and some things do not look good. There is some amount of image erosion over the last several decades, which we can tackle through a two-pronged… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: S is for “Sasuraal”

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#A2Z Challenge: Q is for the Queens of Hearts and Diamonds

Dear Queens of Hearts and Diamonds I don’t know if you remember what Shri Shri Eagles sang a few years ago in a feted piece called “Desperado” which must be required listening in all syllabi for all courses in all universities in all worlds. “Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy She'll beat you if… Continue reading #A2Z Challenge: Q is for the Queens of Hearts and Diamonds

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#A2Z Challenge: P is for Parlour Ladies

Dear Parlour ladies and gentlemen, We need to talk. It’s not you, it’s me. I am breaking up with you. And like most socially awkward break-up ceremonies, I am doing it through passive-aggressive communication. What happens in eyebrows, stays in eyebrows Why is it that my decision to thread my eyebrows metamorphoses into a treatise… Continue reading #A2Z Challenge: P is for Parlour Ladies

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#A2ZChallenge: O is for Odisha

Dear Odisha, (referring to Odisha, the state where Devdutt Pattanaik, Sona Mohapatra and Biswa Kalyan Rath are from, and Odia/ Odia are the people and the language, no other epithet needed, thank you) You have brought me so much joy. I am an Odia, loud and proud. I have lived through the age of being… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: O is for Odisha

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#A2Z Challenge: N is for Nivin Pauly

Dear Nivin Pauly I have an imaginary Malayalee friend. He imagines he is Malayalee, but he is also, in fact, imaginary. Apart from passing up no opportunity to make “coke-cock” jokes and lamenting the declining authenticity of Kerala cuisine adaptations (including stuff he makes himself), he has done little else. First, he failed me on Dulquer… Continue reading #A2Z Challenge: N is for Nivin Pauly