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#A2ZChallenge: K is for K

Dear K You remember what happened with Pluto in 2006? Gus has still not gotten over it. There Pluto was, minding its business rotating on an axis, playing ice-ice baby, when it was demoted to “dwarf planet”. By one diabolical International Astronomical Union (IAU). If I did n’t know better, I would say “so caricaturish… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: K is for K

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#A2ZChallenge: J is for Jughead Jones

Dear Jughead You are pretty awesome. I can say that as a certified authority on Archie Comics (there was only so much quality enrichment in small-town Indic 1980s).  I have procured these comics in second sales, in bargain basement nooks, or crisp, first-hand copies at a corner bookstore when one Double Digest set me back… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: J is for Jughead Jones