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#A2ZChallenge: U is for Unsolicited Advice

Dear Unsolicited Advice, CC to “Bag of Salt” Unsolicited, from Latin, “sollicitus”, meaning, “I have a finger to put in every pie so we can all eat better pies.” Some lexicon liberties might have been taken in that statement. Here is some unsolicited advice for you, Unsolicited Advice. Why are you so needy? You show… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: U is for Unsolicited Advice

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#A2ZChallenge: L is for Lizard

Dear Lizards of the world, or at least the ones in my house Ok. I cannot be writing to you because we are not on talking terms. So, I will just write these completely unorthodox verses with no pentameter of any sort, iambic or otherwise. As an ode to our long-standing stand-off. There was once… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: L is for Lizard