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#A2Z Challenge: N is for Nivin Pauly

Dear Nivin Pauly I have an imaginary Malayalee friend. He imagines he is Malayalee, but he is also, in fact, imaginary. Apart from passing up no opportunity to make “coke-cock” jokes and lamenting the declining authenticity of Kerala cuisine adaptations (including stuff he makes himself), he has done little else. First, he failed me on Dulquer… Continue reading #A2Z Challenge: N is for Nivin Pauly

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#A2ZChallenge: M is for Marie Kondo

Dear Marie Kondo, I am a fan. Since being introduced to you by a friend, I have read of you, read you, watched your videos and simultaneously slipped into a reverie of being in a decluttered, cherry-blossomed Japan too. And when you say that tidying up is life-changing, dear God, you are not fooling around!… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: M is for Marie Kondo

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#A2ZChallenge: L is for Lizard

Dear Lizards of the world, or at least the ones in my house Ok. I cannot be writing to you because we are not on talking terms. So, I will just write these completely unorthodox verses with no pentameter of any sort, iambic or otherwise. As an ode to our long-standing stand-off. There was once… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: L is for Lizard

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#A2ZChallenge: K is for K

Dear K You remember what happened with Pluto in 2006? Gus has still not gotten over it. There Pluto was, minding its business rotating on an axis, playing ice-ice baby, when it was demoted to “dwarf planet”. By one diabolical International Astronomical Union (IAU). If I did n’t know better, I would say “so caricaturish… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: K is for K

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#A2ZChallenge: J is for Jughead Jones

Dear Jughead You are pretty awesome. I can say that as a certified authority on Archie Comics (there was only so much quality enrichment in small-town Indic 1980s).  I have procured these comics in second sales, in bargain basement nooks, or crisp, first-hand copies at a corner bookstore when one Double Digest set me back… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: J is for Jughead Jones

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#A2ZChallenge: H is for Halloween

Dear Halloween As you might be aware, your influence grows in India, October by October. And by India, of course I mean only a handful of the big cities with decent bandwidth for Netflix and several global villagers (citizens? nomads? denizens?). Halloween is a family-friendly festivity that has thankfully escaped the ire of the morality… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge: H is for Halloween

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#A2ZChallenge April 06: E is for Elevator Pitch

Hey Elevators, You guys - with the insanely coincidental Nordic first names - Otis, ThyssenKrupp, Kone and others, do you know about this thing called The Elevator Pitch? This extreme sport is killing people! What is the Elevator Pitch The Elevator Pitch is "pitched" as a viagra for corporate performance and sometimes even unwittingly trolls… Continue reading #A2ZChallenge April 06: E is for Elevator Pitch